Welcome to Walt Now Studios. Entertaining the world with smart fun.

Walt Now Studios is a St. Louis-based intellectual property firm showcasing original characters for comics and film. Founded by writer Walt Jaschek and featuring the work of talented artists and actors, Walt Now is dedicated to “smart fun.”

What is “smart fun?”

Walt Now Studios founder Walt Jaschek says, “Entertainment that engages the head and heart.”

Intellectual property co-created and owned by Walt Now Studios includes:

Recycled Man

Recycled Man is TM and © Walt Now Studios

The Recycled Man ebook is available on Kindle.


Danger Dad

Mel Cool: Mall Cop

Mel Cool: Mall Cop is TM and © Walt Now Studios

Mel Cool: Mall Cop ebook is available on Kindle.

Corp Rut

Dang Gnats!

Some of these properties are available for limited licensing to movies, TV, gaming and other media. Inquire.

Walt Now Creative, a division devoted to bringing creative firepower to advertising and marketing on behalf of worldwide brands, has a long-history of award-winning ad campaigns.

What now? Walt Now!

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