The other Walter Jaschek and his great grand-dog.


There’s another Walt Jaschek, though he goes by Walter: my Dad. He’s 90 at this writing, about to turn 91, and a happy resident of Cape Albeon Senior Community in Valley Park, Missouri. Well, who wouldn’t be happy when meeting one of your new great grand-dogs? (This is Louise, the pup of my nephew Danny Jaschek and his wife, Katie.)

My Dad has always been my guide, teacher, role model and hero. He’s seemingly happier than he’s ever been these days, and thus he’s also my inspiration.

I’m not a “junior,” by the way. The above Walter Jaschek has no middle name. I do and it’s…

(who knows this?)

…Stephen. Walter Stephen Jaschek, in full.

Anyway, keep angling toward happy, friends. Angle toward happy. – Walt


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