Jingle Writing: Missouri Tourism | “Refresh” | Lyrics by Walt Jaschek

“The Refresh Song” | Lyrics by Walt Jaschek | Produced by Paul Fey | Music by Mathews Griffith

“The Refresh Song” is a country-western-style jingle promoting “the magic of Missouri,” with lyrics by Walt Jaschek. It was commissioned by the Missouri Department of Tourism, and ran on radio stations throughout the midwest, promoting Missouri vacations. Walt’s repeated use of the syllable “re” makes for an engaging, ear-pleasing hook. (One person on the department’s staff commented: “Gee, that’s a lot of ‘re’ words.”) Take a listen, and read:

“The Refresh Song” lyrics

Refresh, come on and rediscover
Recharge and rewind;
Retreat, rekindle and recover
Restore your store of mind!

Replay, recreate a memory,
Relax your cares away,
Return to the magic of Missouri
And make your getaway!

Revive, get recuperated,
Reap your reward;
Rejoice, get rejuvenated,
Just beyond your own backyard.

Reach out, grab your lovin’ family
Take time off and play
Return to the magic of Missouri
And make your getaway!

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