Walt Jaschek and Any Grocery Store, Anywhere.

Me and any grocery store, anywhere. Walt Jaschek needs gloves.

1986: Walt Jaschek Gives Blood for Southwestern Bell

TBT 1986. Giving blood @ Southwestern Bell during my stint there. This pic by George Stenitzer made it into the company newsletter, even though “thumbs-up”…

“35 Years of Digital Experience?”

Walt Jaschek likes making photocomics.

“Happy New Year”: A True Walt Story, In Progress.

First two pages of a autobiographical story. Script and lettering: me. Pencils and inks: comics master Rick Burchett of Webster Groves. This needs completing. Kickstarter…

Happy Comic New Year from Don Secrease, Sam Maronie and me

That’s me, left, with two great, St. Louis comic friends and collaborators from Auld Lang Syne: Don Secrease, co-creator and artist of The Herobots™, Ned…

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