Baby Ultrasound Picture Makes Hospital TV Spot Heart-Warming, Helpful

3-D fetal ultrasound of pregnant actress adds authenticity to this Walt-written, well-shot TV spot.

The heart, not the head: that’s where we make decisions about where to go for healthcare. That’s why, as previously reported, my award-winning “This Is Care” advertising campaign for Central Baptist Hospital used minimal copy and maximum empathy to connect patients to the brand.

When it was time to extend the series to an introduction of the hospital’s highly advanced, digital feat ultrasound equipment, I once again pushed back against turning the TV spot into a brochure. My script emphasized showing, not telling: in the simple, two-beat structure the campaign established, we see actual, 3-D, digital footage of a fetus.

Here’s the spot, beautifully shot by The Arbor Group for agency Maring Weissman, followed by my script.

:30 TV Script
Title: “This Is Tyler”
For: Central Baptist Hospital

MUSIC: Light, reassuring, under

TYPE FADES IN: This is Tyler’s first baby picture.

V.O., in tandem: This is Tyler’s first baby picture.

VIDEO: Actual ultrasound footage of a fetus, moving

TYPE FADES IN: This is Tyler.

V.O., in tandem: This is Tyler.

VIDEO: An exam room where an ultrasound is being conducted on a very pregnant Mom. The supportive Dad stands nearby. A smiling technician likes what she sees on the monitor, and turns it to face the couple.

MUSIC: Swells

VIDEO: The expectant couple beam at the sight of their baby. Mom  mouths the words, “He’s perfect.”

TYPE FADES IN: Central Baptist Hospital. This is care.

V.O., in tandem: Central Baptist Hospital. This is care.

MUSIC: Builds to finish

Fade out

A bonus point for authenticity, I believe: the spot features actual, live video from the ultrasound being performed on the genuinely pregnant actress. In that regard, I think, the commercial it isn’t just heart-warming: it’s helpful. If you’re searching for “baby ultrasound picture,” as many parents are, this spot often comes up in search results, giving Moms and Dads an authentic preview of what they might expect.

Healthcare marketing. It’s about heart, head, and sometimes: the womb.