Randy Kopelwitz Rosebaum: A Sketch In Progress

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Randy Kopelwitz Rosenbaum was sitting on our patio. I say our patio, because Randy Kopelwitz Rosenbaum is my wife. She was impatient to go back inside and get back to work. So I couldn’t finish my sketch. That’s my Randy Kopelwitz Rosenbaum! I hope to get her to sit still so I can finish this one, or sit still so I can start a new one. P.S. I dig mechanical pencils.

A Miracle and Wonder: Happy Birthday, Paul Simon!

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paulsimon-by-waltjaschekI sketched my hero, the transcendent Paul Simon, a writer whose lyrics enter through the heart and remain in the brain. Thank you, sir, for all the music and the otherworldly journeys they provide. In the song “Boy in the Bubble,” Paul Simon wrote:  “These are the days of miracles and wonder.” He is both.

Today, October 13, 2017, he turns 76. Happy birthday, Paul, and keep having them.

Walt Jaschek

Sketch of Sedona, Arizona, by Walt Jaschek.

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In the olden days, we didn’t have “smart phones.” If ya wanted a picture of somethin’, ya pulled out a ballpoint pen.

This is a slice of Sedona, Arizona, as seen sitting on my butt on a Best Western balcony while drinking coffee. Original size: 8.5 x 11 on sketch paper. The tone in the sky is just paper yellowing, unintentional.

Note to self: resume carrying a ballpoint.