Star Trek: Picard Coming to CBS All Access: Handy Link, Classic Spots

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“Star Trek: Picard” starring Patrick Stewart premieres Thursday, Jan. 23 on the CBS All Access streaming service. You can try it for free and gets tons of Trek, old and new.

We’ve created a lot of Picard-loving content over the years, mostly for the beloved syndicated run of “Star Trek: the Next Generation.” As we eagerly await this new show, let’s look back on a couple of Paul & Walt radio spots that put Picard on a pedestal.

“Auditions” | Funny radio commercial featuring Patrick Stewart’s “try-out” for the show

“I’m Shaving My Head” | Funny radio spot featuring Picard fans emulating their hero

Writer: Walt Jaschek | Producer: Paul Fey

Hope you’ve enjoyed these audio flashbacks to an earlier era of Picard, and join us in counting down to the new show. Here’s the trailer.

Premieres 1/23/20 on CBS All Access