Dang Gnats!™ in “Feel-Good Film”

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By Walt Jaschek


Does anybody feel the same?

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What Holiday Greeting is Appropriate?

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Merry Christmas? Happy Hanukkah? Cool Kwanza? A gnat ponders the possibilities in today’s episode of…

Dang Gnats!™ 


Well, okay then.

Walt Jaschek and the Dang Gnats wish you all of the above.

What would Walt Jaschek look like as a gnat?

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Don Secrease and Bill Lux answered that question when they created this fake comic cover and gifted it to me as a birthday present. It was created about the time my webcomic, Dang Gnats!, was gathering a gnat-like following. This is an image I’ll treasure. If it gives you nightmares, I’m sorry.

Dang Gnats speak. Walt Jaschek hears them.

Comic Strips, Comic Writing, Creator-Owned, dang gnats, humor, Walt a Life

Walt has been channeling gnats and producing the Dang Gnats webcomic since 2002. He’s taken breaks to prove his sanity. But the gnats always lure him back. He now vows to keep turning out gnat comics until there aren’t any gnats left. That should be a long time.


Walt also writes the Dang Gnats Twitter stream, where people are complaining about gnats constantly, and seem surprised when gnats respond. 

Enjoy more Dang Gnats here!

Thanks, and keep being kind, creative, compassionate — and noticing the little things. Especially the funny little things.  – Walt