Walt’s Copywriting Process (With Chart)

After decades of writing marketing copy and content in every medium in our time-space continuum, I have been asked about my “copywriting process.” For visual learners, I try to capture it in this chart.


  1. Study creative brief.
  2. Ask for clarifications.
  3. Research
  4. Feel sorry for myself and vow to quit copywriting forever.
  5. Sit butt in chair and finally write for 3-4 hours.
  6. Rinse and repeat until the copy is fantastic.
  7. Get genuinely excited about presenting and producing.
  8. Do so, then have knowledge of subject matter leave short-term memory forever.

My point of this almost-funny admission is this: procrastination (and even feeling sorry for yourself) can actually be part of the copywriting process. Because you are working during that time in the “red.” The subconscious is working. Always. So that when you return to the page, you’ve made more progress than you think. This tip can be boiled down to one thing:

Trust your process.

Walt Jaschek promises more process charts soon. Let’s hope his short-term memory holds out.