Dang Gnats!™ in “Happy Superb… Er, Big Game!”

Yikes! See you in court, Gnats! See many more gnats at https://tapas.io/series/Dang-Gnats-Comics

“Happy New Year”: A True Walt Story, In Progress.

First two pages of a autobiographical story. Script and lettering: me. Pencils and inks: comics master Rick Burchett of Webster Groves. This needs completing. Kickstarter…

Top Comics Experts Answer an Eternal Comics Question

Left to right: Walt Jaschek, Don Secrease, Rick Burchett, Jeff Weigel, Samuel Maronie

Dick Tracy original sketch, signed by Chester Gould

Calling Dick Tracy! In 1969, a ninth-grader in Jennings, Missouri, sends a fan letter to Chester Gould, Tracy‘s creator, and a week later, opens the mail…

Is Paul Blart based on Mel Cool: Mall Cop?™

Mel Cool: Mall Cop.™ Copy and layouts: Walt Jaschek. Art: Don Secrease. Is Paul Blart based on Mel Cool: Mall Cop? The short answer: not…

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