Dang Gnats!™ in “Happy Superb… Er, Big Game!”

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Yikes! See you in court, Gnats!

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Rinse and Spit: A Comic For Dentists and Dental Staff

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My buddy, St. Louis illustrator Chuck Hart, saw an ad from a trade magazine for dentists and dental staff, seeking a comic strip about “daily life in the dental office.” I suggested “Rinse & Spit,” and wrote sample strips. Chuck drew this one as the pilot. Still waiting for word from the dental mag. Come on, this strip could go on as long as a root canal.

Dang Gnats speak. Walt Jaschek hears them.

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Walt has been channeling gnats and producing the Dang Gnats webcomic since 2002. He’s taken breaks to prove his sanity. But the gnats always lure him back. He now vows to keep turning out gnat comics until there aren’t any gnats left. That should be a long time.


Walt also writes the Dang Gnats Twitter stream, where people are complaining about gnats constantly, and seem surprised when gnats respond. 

Enjoy more Dang Gnats here!

Thanks, and keep being kind, creative, compassionate — and noticing the little things. Especially the funny little things.  – Walt