Dang Gnats!™ in “Happy Superb… Er, Big Game!”

Yikes! See you in court, Gnats! See many more gnats at https://tapas.io/series/Dang-Gnats-Comics

Dang Gnats! in “What You Did in My Dream”

Uh-oh. See lots more Dang Gnats Comics at DangGnats.com

Walt Jaschek and Any Grocery Store, Anywhere.

Me and any grocery store, anywhere. Walt Jaschek needs gloves.

Rinse and Spit: A Comic For Dentists and Dental Staff

My buddy, St. Louis illustrator Chuck Hart, saw an ad from a trade magazine for dentists and dental staff, seeking a comic strip about “daily life…

Dang Gnats speak. Walt Jaschek hears them.

Walt has been channeling gnats and producing the Dang Gnats webcomic since 2002. He’s taken breaks to prove his sanity. But the gnats always lure…

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