Satin Brass™ Now on Kindle Vella

Walt serializes his new comic book script on the new Kindle Vella platform. It’s the pilot episode for action hero Satin Brass™, Overdue Accounts Collector.

You can read the first three chapters for free on Kindle Vella. Then purchase tokens from Vella to unlock more chapters!

Satin Brass is a high-tech bounty hunter in a glistening city of the near future. She’s is beautiful yes, but also tough: like satin brass, the golden, metallic alloy for which she is named. She’s half-Italian (Dad) and half-Latina (Mom,) and her light brown skin sheens. But never sweats.

Clad in thin, chain-mail fabric armor; steampunk-like goggles for enhanced perception; and fingerless gloves with circuits controlling her tech, Satin Brass is brash. An athletic 26-year-old with ninja training, Satin’s strength and agility are enhanced with injections of Martian vitamins given to her by her Mars-born lover, D’Arx D’Rax. Satin is known as the most persistent finder in the field. She doesn’t like the term “bounty hunter,” though. She prefers to call herself an “overdue accounts collector.”

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