Hi. I’m Walt Jaschek. Ready to Write, Create and Brainstorm – Now!

Comic Writing, Concepting and Copywriting, Content Writing

As a blissfully freelance, St. Louis-based writer of copy, content and entertainment, I’m thinking big and living large. At least in my own imagination. Luckily, my imagination is also my livelihood. (Whew!) See a few scenes from my typical writing day of writing, brainstorming and pacing in the video above. Then examine the resulting creative work throughout this site, with examples of my:

Copywriting for Advertising & Marketing

Scriptwriting for Comics & Entertainment

Also represented on this site are some my creative musings; real-life moments; kind recommendations; scintillating press coverage; and even a guide to pronouncing “Jaschek.”

Walt Now Creative. Need big ideas, breakthrough brainstorms and killer copywriting? Contact. Now!

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