Walt’s Words of Wisdom: Cilantro

Writer Walt Now has “a line in the sand” when it comes to a certain controversial herb. He’s talkin’ cilantro, and he says the only right way to think about it is: love.

As I was saying:

There are two kinds of people in the world. People who love cilantro. And people who are wrong.

I realize cilantro is a divisive issue. I also realize we definitely do not have a shortage of divisive issues in this world. I also realize I have just made it more divisive.

I do that.

But it’s an Alamo-style line in the sand about cilantro for me.

The herb, AKA coriander, adds a fresh, green tang-note to every salsa, a frenzy of flavor to every soup, and sacred life to holy guacamole.

I also rip the leaves from cilantro plants and nurseries and big-box stores and get a quick hit. Don’t tell them.

But you don’t have to leave home. Amazon sells a wonderful dried cilantro. #ad

There’s even an organic liquid extract cilantro. #ad

Best of all, cilantro seeds #ad are plentiful for indoor or outdoor planting. I’ve had good luck with both, year after year.

But I’m starting to hear contrary views. It’s beginning to enter my consciousness that not every human being alive appreciates cilantro. Shocked!

In fact, today my wife told me that some people are born with a genetic disposition to process cilantro flavor differently. To them, she said, cilantro tastes like green soap. It’s not a matter of “liking” it, she said. It’s a matter of not wanting to eat soap.

Okay, respect for genetic disposition, but how these people can go through life is beyond me. I would shoot myself into the heart of a burning sun rather than live without cilantro. Next you’ll be telling me to give up dill.

Readers: let’s get some food-centric feedback here. Let me know in the comment: Do you love cilantro? Or are you wrong?