“Star-In-Your-Own Radio Commercial” | Funny Spot for Budweiser Long-Necks

Concepting and Copywriting, Humor Writing, Radio Commercials
Here’s the version of the spot we did for men. We also did a version for women. Will find that and post soon!.

Guys! Have you ever wanted to star in your own beer commercial? Well, now you can, thanks to this Budweiser radio spot that will “cue” you to say *YOUR NAME* during a very romantic scenario. So open a couple of long-necks and enjoy your “date” with a woman who is, evidently, “both a neurosurgeon AND a swimwear model.” We think you’ll do very well in your first commercial! Let us know how it goes.

Writer: Walt Jaschek | Producer/Director: Paul Fey | Agency: Paul & Walt Worldwide

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