Brett Hull on TV: 1994 commercial promoting his comic book series for The St. Louis Blues and McDonald’s.

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Spot produced by The Patrick Company in St. Louis.

The “Golden Adventures of Brett Hull” comic books, written by Walt Jaschek, was the brainchild of The Patrick Company, a St. Louis promotion agency. They concocted a brilliant concept cross-promoting their clients McDonald’s, Coca-Cola, Brett Hull and the St. Louis Blues: a three-issue mini-series sold at regional McDonald’s for 99 cents. The agency also created this brilliant TV spot announcing the series. Enjoy it – and then feel free to peruse the comics themselves right on this site!

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Golden Adventures of Brett Hull #3 of 3

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Issue #3: “Sudden Death Overtime!” | Continued from Issue #1
Published by the Patrick Company. Art Agency: Hinkle & Company. Writer: Walt Jaschek. Artists: Don Secrease, Rick Burchett, Bill Lux, Bill Vann. Read series backstory and full credits










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TV commercial unveiling these comics, starring Brett Hull, produced by The Patrick Company.

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