Stoogecoach: A “Three Stooges” Western, 1987



3stoogespg1-stoogecoachYou probably don’t remember “Stoogecoach,” our 1987 Three Stooges comic, but that’s because it was never printed. Ask Don Secrease or me about it sometime when we’re drinking.

Those are the first two-pages of a completed,  22-page second ish. A first issue, “Of Stooge and Screen,” is around here somewhere, too. It has some great pin-up pages by Paul Daly.

Let’s just say the indie publisher who told us he had the licensing rights to the Three Stooges turned out to be… wrong. But only after we completed two full comics.

It was 1987. We were learning. Contract first, then the fun begins.

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  1. Walt, I had no idea you had a blog, much less had created ‘Stoogecoach’. Most excellent! I bet you, Don and Paul all have some great stories to tell about this. I’ve heard some of your stories before. 🙂

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