waltjaschek-pa-scripts-2018-lowrez-4 Walt Jaschek is an idea man. As writer, brainstormer and consultant, he churns out inspiring ideas for entertainment and marketing on a daily basis. For a body of work including funny, national ad campaigns, he was inducted in 2018 into the St. Louis Media Hall of Fame. This site showcases his boundless creative work – and ideas. Proudly created on Walt’s beloved MacBook Air. Check current price on Amazon.
Walt loves to brainstorm with other creative minds, and that’s a good way to introduce yourself to his services. He loves to write: ENTERTAINMENT Scripts for funny videos or series pilots Branded entertainment Comics for creator-owned properties Comics for corporate-owned properties Coloring and children’s books Ebooks collecting any and all of the above Scripted podcasts (Specifically on this page: The Rich Jerk) EDITORIAL Features, especially about comics and entertainment Humor columns Letters to the editor COPYWRITING Taglines and brand stories Integrated campaigns Websites Funny radio commercials TV commercials Corporate videos of any length, any tone Print ads, brochures, stuff you can touch And whatever else comes up in conversation. waltjaschek-reading-whatthe-marvelcomic Walt Jaschek is at your service.