Copywriting for Brands: Taglines & Themelines

Great taglines don’t “tag.” They lead. They’re the engines of brand stories, not the cabooses. Just as importantly, they simplify and unify messaging across all media, giving prospects a better chance to “get” your story – and even repeat it.

Here are 8 recent company taglines written by me, and brought to life by great agencies and designers. Cool campaigns ensued.



“Have a Grain Day!”
 Tagline for Hodgson Mill, makers of whole grain pastas and cereals, available in grocery stores nationally. It’s the theme of the website I wrote, and included on almost all marketing materials. More.



Care. Right. Now.™
 Tagline for Nurse Response, now NurseWise, the 24/7 health hotline service, a division of Centene Corporation. I also wrote the website content.



Support Smart.
 Tagline for a fundraising campaign for St. Louis College Prep Charter School in St. Louis.



Worry Less.
Tagline for St. Andrew’s Resources for Seniors, University City, Missouri. Agency: Chuck Hart Design.



Take the Parkside Path.™
Tagline for Parkside Financial Bank and Trust of Clayton, Missouri. I also wrote the sliders on website home page, expounding upon the “path” metaphor. Agencies: Studio X, Behr Consulting. More.



Not a Bank. Better.® Tagline for CEFCU Credit Union in Peoria, Illinois. It’s anchored every piece of marketing communications since 2011. Agency: Maring Weissman.



This is Care.
 Tagline for Central Baptist Hospital of Lexington, Kentucky.  Agency: Maring Weissman. More.

My point again: taglines are engines. They drive. And can pull so, so much.

I would be delighted to craft a highly powerful, message-condensing tagline for your brand or business. Feel free to contact me.

Walt Jaschek

Jingle Writing | Missouri Tourism | “Refresh!” Song

Refresh, come on and rediscover Recharge and rewind;
Retreat, rekindle and recover Restore your store of mind!

That’s the opening stanza of “Refresh,” a country-western-style jingle, with music and lyrics by Walt Jaschek, produced by Paul & Walt Worldwide. It was commissioned by the Missouri Department of Tourism, and ran on radio and TV stations throughout the Midwest, promoting the “magic of Missouri, and the “refreshing, recharging” benefits of Missouri vacations. Walt’s repeated use of the syllable “re” makes for an engaging, ear-pleasing hook. Take a listen, and read:

“The Refresh Song” lyrics

Refresh, come on and rediscover;
Recharge and rewind;
Retreat, rekindle and recover;
Restore your store of mind!

Replay, recreate a memory,
Relax your cares away;
Return to the magic of Missouri
And make your getaway!

Revive, get recuperated,
Reap your reward;
Rejoice, get rejuvenated,
Just beyond your own backyard.

Reach out, grab your lovin’ family
Take time off and play
Return to the magic of Missouri
And make your getaway!

Music and lyrics © Walt Jaschek
Agency: Paul & Walt Worldwide
Producer: Paul Fey
Music arrangement/production: Mathews Griffith

Want more listening fun? Here are 15 funny radio commercials:

Copywriting for Senior Living Services: Worry Less™

“Worry Less” is a tagline and “organizing idea” for a marketing campaign we created and developed for St. Andrew’s Resources for Seniors System in St. Louis. The tagline serves as a capsulization of the brand promise, and crystalizes the company’s communications and marketing across media platforms.

Teamed with designer Chuck Hart and photographer David Stradal, we rebranded the network of independent living communities, assisting living centers, and memory care centers, simplifying the benefits of all of them into the phrase “Worry Less.” That core benefit organized messaging for websites, advertising, signage – even employee name tags.

Here’s a representative trifold brochure. It’s used and displayed at more than a dozen St. Andrew’s locations in St. Louis. It also shows how a powerful brand promise, embraced and well expressed, can ignite creative marketing for senior living.

Cover headline: “I’m so worried about Grandma. She doesn’t get around as well as she used to.” | Tagline: Worry Less™

Inside page headline: “I’m so worried about my husband. He’s not interested in anything anymore.” | Tagline: Worry Less™

Inside spread copy:

There’s enough worry in the world. You need less of it.

Since 1961, St. Andrew’s Resources for Seniors has reduced many of the anxieties that swirl around care for elders. How? Through highly desirable senior living communities where older adults can live healthily, live well – and live it up.

Through the dedication of expert staffers who empower elders and empower their caregivers. With options that foster vitality.

And through a family of exceptional services that take burdens from your shoulders and frown lines from your face.

As a faith-based non-profit, our vision is a world where all elders are respected, productive, secure and fulfilled.

Our mission is making that vision real. Every day.

Worry less about where to live.

The joys of life are many. Start embracing them. You deserve it.

At the senior living communities of St. Andrew’s, worry is checked at the door.

Whatever you need, we have amazing amenities. Live independently. Enjoy assisted living. Or benefit from skilled nursing.

Our uniquely caring staff is trained to pamper body, mind and spirit. We’re here for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Leave the work to us, while you enjoy life’s timeless pleasures. Fun events. Interesting activities. And what’s that feeling?

Oh, yes: relaxation.

Concept and copy: Walt Jaschek

Graphic design and art direction: Chuck Hart

Photography: David Stradal

Scripting TV Commercials: A Team Sport, Still Fun


My copywriting days were mostly filled with funny radio commercials, but I cranked out a lot of TV spots, too. The creative process is different – there are far more “cooks” than in radio – but every once in a while, some spots turned out just the way I saw ’em in my head. And every single time at bat was great fun. Here are a few of my favorites.

Star Trek: The Next Generation | “I’m Shaving My Head”

Mission: refresh a brand, and remind TV viewers in Miami “Star Trek: The Next Generation” reruns are as fun to watch as ever — mostly because of a charismatic, inspiring head.

Client: WCIX-TV Miami
Creative director: Briam Blum
Producton: WCIX
Agency: Paul & Walt Worldwide

Producer: Paul Fey
Writer: Walt Jaschek

Client: Stroh’s Beer
Writer/Producer: Walt Jaschek

CEFCU Credit Union | “The Wedding”

Mission: Extend the “Not a bank. Better.” campaign into a TV spot for car loans, expressing mandatory copy points in a situation slightly absurd. As the disbelieving uncle says in the spot: “I can’t believe they let them write their own vows.”

Agency: Maring Weissman
Creative director: Paul Maring
Producton: The Arbor Group

Writer: Walt Jaschek

Central Baptist Hospital | “This is Alan’s Heart,” “This is Tyler”

Mission: promote the hospital’s advanced, technological solutions, while maintaining an emotional connection in which patient outcomes are always the main point. Solution: This simple, two-beat structure, repeated in a dozen spots. Here are two.

Agency: Maring Weissman
Creative director: Paul Maring
Producton: The Arbor Group

Writer and audio producer: Walt Jaschek

SSM Health | Motion Graphics Campaign

Mission: introduce the SSM Medical Group, its benefits and its URL with a cost-effective production budget and media buy. Solution: these 15-second, motion-graphics spots, with simplicity, personality and original music.

Agency: Maring Weissman
Creative director: Paul Maring
Executive producer: Tom Barry
Original music: Sandy Smith, Smith Lee
Writer and audio producer: Walt Jaschek


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Copywriting for Tech: "Get Your Head in the Cloud"

This tagline and copy was used for an integrated marketing campaign for Contegix Cloud Services in St. Louis, on behalf of agency Spoke Marketing. Look at this great image!

Headline: Get your head in the cloud.

Subhead: We’re already there.

Copy: Contegix is your full-service partner for customer cloud hosting that’s intelligent, managed, secure, reliable. To us, you’re not just an IP address. You’re the focus of unparalleled care, support and responsiveness. The upshot: VM uptime.

Client: Contegix
Agency: Spoke Marketing
Creative Directors: David Meyer, Dan Klein
Artist/Designer: Drew Mangels
Copywriter: Walt Jaschek

Copywriting for Spirits: Grey Goose Vodka

For decades, Grey Goose Vodka branded itself as “The World’s Best Tasting Vodka.” When it came to explaining the process behind this taste achievement, the luxury brand’s promotion agency, Moosylvania, turned to me. The ads, point of sale and collateral I wrote, the first to detail the vodka’s ingredients, quality control and vision, were published by the brand internationally.


Elegance. Made Evident. You already know that Grey Goose is the world’s best tasting vodka. Now discover why.


Pure pefection. Pure Artesian spring water. Ice cold. Shimmering with clarity. Flowing into the Cognac region of France from the Massif Central Mountains. Because it is naturally filered through champagne limestone, the water is exceptionally soft, sweet and pure. So pure, in face, it requires little additional filtration. The exceptional nature of this water is at the heart of the subtle nuances of flavor that define Grey Goose.

Harvesting Excellence. The Maitre de Chai knows the superior nature of Grey Goose is the ultimate reflection of the purity of its ingredients. He ensures the creation of Grey Goose Vodka begins with ony 100% fine French from the highly covered Beauce region, the “Bread Basket of France.” Undoubtedly the finest in Europe, this wheat adds richness and flavor to the best French bread and pastries. In the same way, it adds depth of character to Grey Goose.


Matre means master. He is the Maitre de Chai. He holds a time-honored title, its roots in wine production, translating as “cellar master.” The Grey Goose Maitre de Chai is responsible for ensuring that every element of the production process is of the highest quality. Like his namesakes through the ages, he brings the wisdom of the Cognac region’s traditions to the artful creation of the world’s best tasting vodka.


Reaching the defining moment. The pure grain spirit undergoes a five-step distillation process under the control and supervision of skilled vodka craftsmen. With each step, the true essence and character of the vodka is revealed. Under the watchful eye of the Maitre de Chai, the resulting spirit is combined with the Artesian spring water to bring Grey Goose to its optimal strength. And optimal taste.


Great taste culminates. As the bottle is opened, Grey Goose vodka introduces itself with the rounded aroma of a fine French almond pastry, counterbalanced by a slight hint of spice that provides just the right amount of edge. The non-aggressive aroma is in harmony with the smooth taste, which is the culmination of premium ingredients, premier craftsman and perfection of process. The taste lingers: lush an smooth. The finish, carefully orchestrated by the Maitre de Chai, is long lasting. And like the entire Grey Goose experience, most satisfying.

greygoose-ad2The reasons are clear. Combine masterful planning, noble tradition, exacting standards, premium ingredients and brilliant vision to redefine spirits for the world. The results are evident. Grey Goose is the world’s best tasting vodka.

Client: Grey Goose Vodka
Agency/Design: Moosylvania
Copywriter: Walt Jaschek

Copywriting for Cereal Brand: "Have a Grain Day!"

“Have a Grain Day!”

That’s the tagline I wrote for Hodgson Mill, makers of whole grain cereals, baking mixes and pastas, available in grocery stores everywhere. “Have a Grain Day” is the unifying idea for an integrated brand story expressed from package to shelf to trade show to banner ads to Facebook posts to recipe blog to… you get it.

Here’s the opening slider for the web homepage. It explains what “Have a Grain Day” really means.


It started with a grain mill. And a man named Hodgson.


Grew into a world-class food company, still proudly Midwest.


Making delicious, whole-grain products, loved by families.

The secret: Premium grains, ground by stone. Our own.


Just-in-time freshness means more flavor to savor.

Client: Hodgson Mill
Writer: Walt Jaschek

Marketing Officer: Ray Martin
Creative Director: Perry Propst


Taking Copywriting to the Bank: Parkside Financial

“Take the Parkside Path.” That’s the tagline I wrote for Parkside Financial Bank & Trust, Clayton, Missouri, in helping the brand come to life. Here are frames from the slider I wrote for the bank’s home page, and demonstrates how a rich, expressive tagline can be carried out. And on. Each of the slides contain slightly different messages, each expanding on the “path” metaphor. 

The Parkside Path… is the most direct route between where you are and where you are headed.


The Parkside Path… is like a fingerprint. Never the same for any two individuals.


The Parkside Path… is, no matter the destination, always best traveled with a knowledgeable guide.


The Parkside Path… is not about paperless statements, countless ATMs or online bill paying. It is about meeting you halfway, being your partner and seeing you through.


“Take the Parkside Path.”
Client: Parkside Financial Bank & Trust
Creative collaborators: Michael Kilfoy, Mike Behr, John Edwards
Writer: Walt Jaschek

Writing Web Pages: Create Compelling Brand Stories

When your website appears on screen, you have nanoseconds to make an impression. Does your home page look and read like everybody else in your space? Or is your brand story communicated quickly, succinctly, consistently and creatively?

Parkside Financial | “Take the Parkside Path” 


Hodgson Mill “Have a Grain Day”


Nurse Response | “Care. Right. Now.”


St. Louis Energy Solutions | “Savings. Solved.”


Omni Health Club | “The Omni Difference”

Adobe Photoshop PDF


Concordia University Chicago | “Map Your Success”


Walt Jaschek writes entire web sites, not just home pages, but it’s how they open that matters most.

Copywriting for Print Ads, Banners, Billboards, Brochures

In other words: the kitchen sink.

Central Baptist Hospital: Print Ads, Banner Ads, Campaign. Agency: Maring Weissman


(See more ads in this Central Baptist Hospital campaign here.)

Contegix: Posters, Ads, Merchandise | Designer: Drew Margolis | Agency: Spoke Marketeing


Arco Construction, St. Louis: Print and Banner Ad Campaign. Agency: Maring Wiessmanjaschek-ads-arco-construction

St. Louis Health Institute: Flu Shot Campaign. Agency: GoBrandGojaschek-ads-flussucks

SSM Joint Replacement Center: Outdoor Campaign. Agency: Maring Weissman. Designer: Paul Maring.

Omni Health Club: Print Ad and Poster Campaign. Agency: Spoke Marketing. Designer: Chuck Hart. Photography: David Stradal.



St. Andrew’s Resources for Seniors: Print Ads and Posters, “Worry Less Campaign”
Designer: Chuck Hart. Photographer: David Stradel



Cynthia Behr Real Estate: Print Ad and Collateral. Designer: Chuck Hart. Photos: David Preston


St. Louis College Prep High School: Brochures, Direct Mail. Agency: EyezOnline Marketing


The Crescent in Clayton: Brochures, Direct Mail, Print Ads. Agency: Moosylvania


Center for Emerging Technologies | Brochures, Ads, Direct Mail | Agency: Maring Weissman



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