Copywriting for Senior Living Services: Worry Less™

“Worry Less” is a tagline and “organizing idea” for a marketing campaign we created and developed for St. Andrew’s Resources for Seniors System in St. Louis. The tagline serves as a capsulization of the brand promise, and crystalizes the company’s communications and marketing across media platforms.

Teamed with designer Chuck Hart and photographer David Stradal, we rebranded the network of independent living communities, assisting living centers, and memory care centers, simplifying the benefits of all of them into the phrase “Worry Less.” That core benefit organized messaging for websites, advertising, signage – even employee name tags.

Here’s a representative trifold brochure. It’s used and displayed at more than a dozen St. Andrew’s locations in St. Louis. It also shows how a powerful brand promise, embraced and well expressed, can ignite creative marketing for senior living.

Cover headline: “I’m so worried about Grandma. She doesn’t get around as well as she used to.” | Tagline: Worry Less™

Inside page headline: “I’m so worried about my husband. He’s not interested in anything anymore.” | Tagline: Worry Less™

Inside spread copy:

There’s enough worry in the world. You need less of it.

Since 1961, St. Andrew’s Resources for Seniors has reduced many of the anxieties that swirl around care for elders. How? Through highly desirable senior living communities where older adults can live healthily, live well – and live it up.

Through the dedication of expert staffers who empower elders and empower their caregivers. With options that foster vitality.

And through a family of exceptional services that take burdens from your shoulders and frown lines from your face.

As a faith-based non-profit, our vision is a world where all elders are respected, productive, secure and fulfilled.

Our mission is making that vision real. Every day.

Worry less about where to live.

The joys of life are many. Start embracing them. You deserve it.

At the senior living communities of St. Andrew’s, worry is checked at the door.

Whatever you need, we have amazing amenities. Live independently. Enjoy assisted living. Or benefit from skilled nursing.

Our uniquely caring staff is trained to pamper body, mind and spirit. We’re here for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Leave the work to us, while you enjoy life’s timeless pleasures. Fun events. Interesting activities. And what’s that feeling?

Oh, yes: relaxation.

Concept and copy: Walt Jaschek

Graphic design and art direction: Chuck Hart

Photography: David Stradal

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One thought on “Copywriting for Senior Living Services: Worry Less™”

  1. Hi Walt.
    Glad to see some of the people I’ve met along the way are still working. Personally, I’m kind of enjoying my retirement, but I have yet to reach that high point of the easy life … tossing a baited hook out into the lake (reaching the lake is about a 2 mile hike on these 70-year old legs) and then panicking if something were to bite at it and take it, and me with visions of Kracken in my head). Possibly going to have to take it easy and toss a line into our swimming pool here at the condo.
    Anyway, spent part of August with my mother-in-law at her care facility. You’ve done a good job.
    It was really a great thing to open my mail and see your name. Can you send me your full (and free) mailing address?
    Take care,
    Greg (Stene)

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