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For decades, Grey Goose Vodka branded itself as “The World’s Best Tasting Vodka.” When it came to explaining the process behind this taste achievement, the luxury brand’s promotion agency, Moosylvania, turned to me. The ads, point of sale and collateral I wrote, the first to detail the vodka’s ingredients, quality control and vision, were published by the brand internationally.


Elegance. Made Evident. You already know that Grey Goose is the world’s best tasting vodka. Now discover why.


Pure pefection. Pure Artesian spring water. Ice cold. Shimmering with clarity. Flowing into the Cognac region of France from the Massif Central Mountains. Because it is naturally filered through champagne limestone, the water is exceptionally soft, sweet and pure. So pure, in face, it requires little additional filtration. The exceptional nature of this water is at the heart of the subtle nuances of flavor that define Grey Goose.

Harvesting Excellence. The Maitre de Chai knows the superior nature of Grey Goose is the ultimate reflection of the purity of its ingredients. He ensures the creation of Grey Goose Vodka begins with ony 100% fine French from the highly covered Beauce region, the “Bread Basket of France.” Undoubtedly the finest in Europe, this wheat adds richness and flavor to the best French bread and pastries. In the same way, it adds depth of character to Grey Goose.


Matre means master. He is the Maitre de Chai. He holds a time-honored title, its roots in wine production, translating as “cellar master.” The Grey Goose Maitre de Chai is responsible for ensuring that every element of the production process is of the highest quality. Like his namesakes through the ages, he brings the wisdom of the Cognac region’s traditions to the artful creation of the world’s best tasting vodka.


Reaching the defining moment. The pure grain spirit undergoes a five-step distillation process under the control and supervision of skilled vodka craftsmen. With each step, the true essence and character of the vodka is revealed. Under the watchful eye of the Maitre de Chai, the resulting spirit is combined with the Artesian spring water to bring Grey Goose to its optimal strength. And optimal taste.


Great taste culminates. As the bottle is opened, Grey Goose vodka introduces itself with the rounded aroma of a fine French almond pastry, counterbalanced by a slight hint of spice that provides just the right amount of edge. The non-aggressive aroma is in harmony with the smooth taste, which is the culmination of premium ingredients, premier craftsman and perfection of process. The taste lingers: lush an smooth. The finish, carefully orchestrated by the Maitre de Chai, is long lasting. And like the entire Grey Goose experience, most satisfying.

greygoose-ad2The reasons are clear. Combine masterful planning, noble tradition, exacting standards, premium ingredients and brilliant vision to redefine spirits for the world. The results are evident. Grey Goose is the world’s best tasting vodka.

Client: Grey Goose Vodka
Agency/Design: Moosylvania
Copywriter: Walt Jaschek

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