Walt Gets Down to Red Underwear in Spoof of Public Nudity

Public Nudity Spoof featuring comedy actor Walt Jaschek, written and directed by Rick Zahradnik: a bit of 80s comedy exposed.

The era: the 1980s. Location: downtown Colorado Springs, Colorado. An unsuspecting office visitor, played by me, enters a building in which clothes seem to be optional. Yes, this was considered funny in the last millennium. Slightly (and only slightly) NSFW.

Writer/director Rick Zahradnik helmed this 1980s-era comedy video parodying, with a slightly naughty edge, the office-space rental videos he and I created back in the day. You will see me as the curly-haired, unsuspecting office visitor seemingly shocked by the “Office in the Raw” clothes optional policy. That’s also me shedding his clothes down to his lucky red underwear at the end. Hey, anything for show biz!

Other actors in the video: Starla Hudson, Jim Heisley, Theresa Amos, Judy Marvin, Heather Curtis, John Maddis, Bill Mimms, Tom Paradise, Jan Sylvia and Rick himself.

This YouTube version of “Offices in the Raw” was captured from a nationally syndicated TV show, “Comedy Break” which featured viewer-contributed videos like this. Here’s a clip from the Colorado Springs Gazette-Telegraph the week the video aired.

Newspaper article on the TV airing of “Offices in the Raw”

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