Turnkey radio commercial production: from funny scripts to final spots

A service for agencies or brands needing all-inclusive radio commercial production services – writing, casting, recording, mixing, including the world’s best voices.

You have a strong suspicion your current radio sucks.

Oh, you believe strongly on spending marketing campaign dollars for time on Pandora, Spotify, podcasts and terrestrial radio. You’ve seen the stats on reach, engagement: consumption of audio is increasing by the nano-second. And you yourself have mastered digital audio’s deliriously powerful targeting. You know just how to reach those left-handed yoga instructors in cities with the letter “y” in them.

But the creative you’re currently playing feels played. The writing isn’t as sharp as it could be. The performances feel underwhelming. The whole creative concept didn’t have focus in the first place. It feels dated. And it’s trying to do too many damn things at once.

You step out of the shower and say, “I wish I could just order up a new creative with a radio production resource who would truly get what we’re going for, then take care of the execution, start to finish, and keep me in the loop at strategical process points.”

Then you towel off.

Put some clothes on, potential client. We’ve got places to go.

I’m Walt Jaschek, your radio commercial production concierge. My creative radio partners and I will guide your brand through the entire campaign-creating journey.

For 40 years, on teams and individually, we’ve co-created some of the most famous, funny radio campaigns an advertising award shelf can hold. We know how to squeeze dripping comedy from them. We know what makes them tick… tick… tick. Boom!

Now, we want to help you create branded audio that grabs the ear, engages the brain, touches the heart, and brings your call to action… to action.

Our deliverable to you: one finished spot or many, fully produced and ready to air. And ready to love.

Step by step, that includes:

1. A super-smart creative strategy that will not have the phrase “super-smart” in it.

But it will help us agree on a sole purpose and a singular message.

2. Writing that’s as sharp as the wind whipping through the skyscrapers of Chicago.

You might need a heavier coat.

3. Expert casting: an ear for the right voice for the part.

And we’ll have lots to choose from, because we’ll draw upon…

4. The greatest voice talents in the universe.

Every voice talent with a home studio (which is every one of them) is a potential member of our cast.

5. Full producing and directing services.

We’ll be happy to be the people who say, “Let’s do one more for safety.”

6. Top digital recording studios.

With our real-time, virtual sessions, no two people are in the same room at the same time. And you can peek in from the pool to watch, weigh in, or ghost.

7. The perfect music and sound effect choices.

“I think we need a harp glisten under that explosion,” said nobody ever.

8. A magical mix of all elements.

We will work with smart, fast-on-the-gain audio engineers who read audio waveforms for fun over breakfast.

9. Uploading final digital files.

The sweet mp3s will be sent with m-p-empathy via email to you, your clients, and/or the stations and streaming services directly.

Well, that was a fun campaign. Let’s do another.

Samples? Oh, there are samples.

Below is a spot I wrote and directed for CreativeWorks, a chain of Office-Max on-sterioids creative service retail locations. Albert Einstein himself comes to understand the wisdom of hiring a creative subcontractor for your marketing materials.

Marketing Genius”

Read the script.

Below is “Missing Persons,” a radio spot for the TV series “Matlock.” For it, I won the Clio Award for Best Radio Copywriting. Paul Fey produced and directed when we were the dynamic radio duo Paul & Walt Worldwide. It’s a pretty famous spot.

“Missing Persons”

Read the script.

And below, if you Paul & Walt prefer, is the Motherload. 15 funny, award-winning spots back-to-back in a compilation video.

Those 15 spots can be enjoyed and studied individually on this page: 15 Radio Ads to Inspire More the Same. There are links to script for each of them as well. You can see my writing, snappy retort by retort in report form.

Radio and audio marketing is worth doing right.

You already know that.

Now, we hope:

You know how.

Engaging my services starts with a contact. A friendly hello.

We’ll set up an audio call if it seems right. Because, you know: Audio.

It’s effective.

We hope to hear from you.

Walt Jaschek is an American comedy writer and performer based in St. Louis, Missouri. For his funny, award-winning, national advertising campaigns, he was inducted in 2018 into the St. Louis Media Hall of Fame. Declaring himself “not history yet,” Walt is continuing to create funny movies, funny comics, funny radio, and funny Zoom poses. And continuing to prove that life is worth laughing.

Don’t prove him wrong.

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