Copywriting for Brands: Taglines & Themelines

Great taglines don’t “tag.” They lead. They’re the engines of brand stories, not the cabooses. Just as importantly, they simplify and unify messaging across all media, giving prospects a better chance to “get” your story – and even repeat it.

Here are 8 recent company taglines written by me, and brought to life by great agencies and designers. Cool campaigns ensued.



“Have a Grain Day!”
 Tagline for Hodgson Mill, makers of whole grain pastas and cereals, available in grocery stores nationally. It’s the theme of the website I wrote, and included on almost all marketing materials. More.



Care. Right. Now.™
 Tagline for Nurse Response, now NurseWise, the 24/7 health hotline service, a division of Centene Corporation. I also wrote the website content.



Support Smart.
 Tagline for a fundraising campaign for St. Louis College Prep Charter School in St. Louis.



Worry Less.
Tagline for St. Andrew’s Resources for Seniors, University City, Missouri. Agency: Chuck Hart Design.



Take the Parkside Path.™
Tagline for Parkside Financial Bank and Trust of Clayton, Missouri. I also wrote the sliders on website home page, expounding upon the “path” metaphor. Agencies: Studio X, Behr Consulting. More.



Not a Bank. Better.® Tagline for CEFCU Credit Union in Peoria, Illinois. It’s anchored every piece of marketing communications since 2011. Agency: Maring Weissman.



This is Care.
 Tagline for Central Baptist Hospital of Lexington, Kentucky.  Agency: Maring Weissman. More.

My point again: taglines are engines. They drive. And can pull so, so much.

I would be delighted to craft a highly powerful, message-condensing tagline for your brand or business. Feel free to contact me.

Walt Jaschek

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