Scripting TV Commercials: A Team Sport, Still Fun


My copywriting days were mostly filled with funny radio commercials, but I cranked out a lot of TV spots, too. The creative process is different – there are far more “cooks” than in radio – but every once in a while, some spots turned out just the way I saw ’em in my head. And every single time at bat was great fun. Here are a few of my favorites.

Star Trek: The Next Generation | “I’m Shaving My Head”

Mission: refresh a brand, and remind TV viewers in Miami “Star Trek: The Next Generation” reruns are as fun to watch as ever — mostly because of a charismatic, inspiring head.

Client: WCIX-TV Miami
Creative director: Briam Blum
Producton: WCIX
Agency: Paul & Walt Worldwide

Producer: Paul Fey
Writer: Walt Jaschek

Client: Stroh’s Beer
Writer/Producer: Walt Jaschek

CEFCU Credit Union | “The Wedding”

Mission: Extend the “Not a bank. Better.” campaign into a TV spot for car loans, expressing mandatory copy points in a situation slightly absurd. As the disbelieving uncle says in the spot: “I can’t believe they let them write their own vows.”

Agency: Maring Weissman
Creative director: Paul Maring
Producton: The Arbor Group

Writer: Walt Jaschek

Central Baptist Hospital | “This is Alan’s Heart,” “This is Tyler”

Mission: promote the hospital’s advanced, technological solutions, while maintaining an emotional connection in which patient outcomes are always the main point. Solution: This simple, two-beat structure, repeated in a dozen spots. Here are two.

Agency: Maring Weissman
Creative director: Paul Maring
Producton: The Arbor Group

Writer and audio producer: Walt Jaschek

SSM Health | Motion Graphics Campaign

Mission: introduce the SSM Medical Group, its benefits and its URL with a cost-effective production budget and media buy. Solution: these 15-second, motion-graphics spots, with simplicity, personality and original music.

Agency: Maring Weissman
Creative director: Paul Maring
Executive producer: Tom Barry
Original music: Sandy Smith, Smith Lee
Writer and audio producer: Walt Jaschek


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