Slightly Bent Comics 1, 2: A Blast of Self-Publishing


Slightly Bent Comics #1 and #2 are creator-owned, character-introducing anthology comics, written by Walt Jaschek and first published by Slightly Bent Entertainment in 1999.

Walt also designed the logo and did the cover layouts, brought to life by amazing St. Louis comic artists under the art direction of Don Secrease.

Credits and reviews of these issues are on Steve’s Reads, on Flooby and on Atomic Avenue.

These issues include the second and third print appearances of the original Mall Cop, Mel Cop™. They also include the first appearance of these features: Dude-Guy, Danger Dad, Corp Rut and the Attorneys in Space.

Says Walt: “The series was a fun experiment, a deep-dive immersion into self-publishing during the black-and-white boom, and a launch for characters and concepts bouncing around in my brain.”

Here is Walt holding the covers he designed. Appropriately, they are… slightly bent.


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