Recycled Man: What Goes Around | Print Comic and eBook

Recycled Man™: What Goes Around is a full-color, original “pulp action” comic book for mature readers, written by Walt Jaschek, illustrated by Paul Daly and Don Secrease, and published by Comicbook Studios in September, 2019. The digital version of the entire issue is on Amazon Kindle now.

The main feature in this one-shot comic is Recycled Man, a dark anti-hero, and a creation of Comicmood, a St. Louis-based entertainment company formed in 2019 to unleash new intellectual property by Walt Jaschek and his collaborators.

Here are the first two pages of the Recycled Man story.

Also in the issue is a special back-up comic: “The Call of Cold, Dark Places,” a good-guys-versus-monsters story starring Terranauts: 2020, a group of adventurers created by Paul Daly and Don Secrease, and seen regularly in High Adventure Comics. Here is the splash page to the story.

Both features in the issue were written by Walt Jaschek. Art on Recycled Man is by Paul Daly, with colors by Don Secrease. Art and colors on Terranauts: 2020 is by Don Secrease.

Read and review this comic on Kindle.

Read Walt’s introduction to the comic on his blog.

Recycled Man is ™ and ©2019 Comicmood Studios. Terranauts are ™ and ©2019 Paul Daly and Don Secrease.

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