Copywriting for Star Trek: Hear Patrick Stewart "Audition"

Good news for Jean-Luc lovers: Patrick Stewart is returning to his role as Captain Picard, the bold, bald head of the Enterprise on the new CBS All Access series, “Star Trek: Picard.” (Try it free.)

To celebrate one of favorite actors revisiting one of our favorite characters, let’s listen again to “Auditions,” a classic Paul & Walt radio spot for “Star Trek: the Next Generation.” In it, we hear a director trying to find the right actor to inhabit Picard. It takes a few tries. Just think: we almost had Eddie Deezen as the Cap!

Writer: Walt Jaschek | Producer: Paul Fey

By the way, in addition to the new show on CBS, you can watch all seasons of the previous show on Prime. It’s a good time to be a Picardian.

And why, yes, we do have an entire playlist of funny radio commercials. Thanks for asking.

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