Taking Copywriting to the Bank: Parkside Financial

“Take the Parkside Path.” That’s the tagline I wrote for Parkside Financial Bank & Trust, Clayton, Missouri, in helping the brand come to life. Here are frames from the slider I wrote for the bank’s home page, and demonstrates how a rich, expressive tagline can be carried out. And on. Each of the slides contain slightly different messages, each expanding on the “path” metaphor. 

The Parkside Path… is the most direct route between where you are and where you are headed.


The Parkside Path… is like a fingerprint. Never the same for any two individuals.


The Parkside Path… is, no matter the destination, always best traveled with a knowledgeable guide.


The Parkside Path… is not about paperless statements, countless ATMs or online bill paying. It is about meeting you halfway, being your partner and seeing you through.


“Take the Parkside Path.”
Client: Parkside Financial Bank & Trust
Creative collaborators: Michael Kilfoy, Mike Behr, John Edwards
Writer: Walt Jaschek

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