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Comic character Mel Cool: Mall Cop by Walt Jaschek and Don Secrease calls himself the “Sentinel of Stress-Free Shopping.” Fans call him “greatest of the mall.”

Massive Mall: the “world’s tallest mall.” Its 44 stories, shaped like a giant “M,” are havens for crime, corruption and juvenile hi-jinks. Somebody has to keep the peace. Somebody does.

Mel Cool: Mall Cop first appeared in 1995 in a mini-comic distributed nationally and advertised in comic publications of the era. His most prominent appearance in the 1990s was in the 2-issue anthology mini-series Slightly Bent Comics in 1998.

Creators Walt Jaschek (script/layouts) and Don Secrease (pencils, inks, tones) conceived of Mel Cool as a parody of the super-serious actioin heroes of the day, such as Judge Dredd in the comics and Rambo in the movies. “Putting that character into the mundane world of the suburban mall propelled us into crafting page after page of Mel adventures.”

Those adventures have been collected into a Mel Cool: Mall Cop ebook on Kindle.

Here are some of the earliest pages, a short story called “Ugly Incident on Level 44.”

Mel Cool himself picks up the story.

Want to see the rest of the story>

See the Mel Cool: Mall Cop ebook on Kindle.

Mel Cool: Mall Cop™ is © Walt Jaschek and Don Secrease.

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