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Here they are: the Herobots!™ In 2008, Walt Jaschek, Don Secrease and Bill Lux created and published the 48-page Herobots Coloring and Games Book, now available on Amazon and at Barnes and Noble. Here are the cover and back cover.



On the blog, see some of the interior art and read about the “secret origins” of the Herobots. (You’ll wee what inspired Walt, Don and Bill in the first place.) And watch a wacky video preview of the first few pages.

BONUS for parents of young colorists! Get free, downloadable coloring pages of the Herobots while you’re on this site! They’re bots of fun. (Did we mention they are free?)

If this whets your young readers’ thirst for more, remember the Herobots Coloring and Games Book #1 on Amazon and at Barnes and Noble. Here’s Walt and Don showing you their copies.


Read more about the creation of the Herobots.

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