Funny Radio Commercials: Laugh Your Ads Off


Funny radio commercials? Yes, funny radio commercials. We funny radio-lovin’ creators specialize in ’em, and advertisers (and audiences) love ’em, too. Funny radio spots (the kind that make you laugh your ads off) provide an attention-getting break from the mundane radio norm and a memorable, loyalty-building listener experience. 

Please turn your volume up for these award-winning funny radio commercials, written or co-written by Paul and Walt and produced by Paul for Paul & Walt Worldwide, now World Wide Wadio.  (And don’t miss the “Laugh Your Ads Off” t-shirt offer, below!)

“Robert Goulet” | :60 funny radio commercial for The Simpsons
$20,000 Mercury Award for Radio Humor

“Mission Persons” | :60 funny radio commercial for Matlock
Clio Award for “Best Radio Copywriting”

“Laugh Catalog” | :60 funny radio commerical for George Schlatter’s Comedy Club
Clio Award for “Best Use of Sound”

“Viva La Volvo” | :60 funny radio commercial for Volvo
National Addy Award winner

“Put Your Tongue on the Radio” | :60 funny radio commercial for Gene Simmons Family Jewels
Promax Muse Award for radio

“The Ballad of Judge Wapner” | :60 funny radio commercial for The People’s Court
Promax Muse Award winner for radio, National Addy Award for radio

“Millions of Americans” | :60 funny radio commercial for the American Optometric Association

“I’m Shaving My Head!” | :60 funny radio commercial for Star Trek: The Next Generation

These funny radio commercials are written by Walt Jaschek, produced and directed by Paul Fey, and are © Paul & Walt Worldwide and © World Wide Wadio.

Hear even MORE funny radio commercials here on this site — and contact us if you want us to create some funny radio commercials for YOU!  Meanwhile, grab yourself this “Laugh Your Ads Off” t-shirt, designed by Walt Jaschek himself!

2 thoughts on “Funny Radio Commercials: Laugh Your Ads Off

  1. I’m trying g to find the old funny radio ads for the temp accountant. Which featured the phrase “dont worry bob’s here” any idea how to get them. Wanted to share them with my kids. Thanks Craig


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