Dang Gnats!™ Comic Strip: Need a Little Laugh?

walt holding gnats signWalt Jaschek launched the Dang Gnats!™ comic strip on the web in 2001, and the “annoying insects with too much time of their wings” have been flitting and chit-chatting online since. The four-panel, minimal design never changed: but the platforms did. Amazingly the strip remained readable on a single phone screen. New readers, Twitter followers, and Facebook likers emerged! 

Below a few sample strips from a zillion. You can read new ones regularly here.


Dang Gnats™: “Bucket List”

Dang Gnats™: “Seasonal Latte”


Dang Gnats™: “Summer’s Over (Sort of)”

Dang Gnats™: “Happy Earth Day (late.)”


Dang Gnats™: “Falling for a Color Change”


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