Content Writing: Making the Complex Simple In Stories That Resonate


Content. I’m quite content writing it. True, it’s not “advertising copywriting,” my previous bread-and-butter, but it’s increasingly in demand as a smart way to promote brands as innovators and thought leaders. It also combines my training in journalism (college newspapers, freelance articles, etc.) with my natural curiosity, and my insistence on making even the driest subjects interesting and info-taining.

Here’s where you can find some of my best content writing.


“Ginseng: A Virtual Drugstore” | An interview with Dr. Laura Murphy
For: Sigma-Aldrich eZine. (By the way, every since I wrote this piece, I’ve been devoted to ginseng. Read the article to see why.)

“DNA Breakthrough Over Dinner | An interview with Dr. Peggy Farnham
For: Sigma-Aldrich eZine. (One of the most complex topics I’ve ever tackled. This took a lot of coffee and long hours, but I’m happy with the results.)


The Censored Doonsebury Comics of 1976: Revealed Again
For the University of Missouri – St. Louis Current. (An interview with editors at King Features and the St. Louis Post-Dispatch revealing how some “sexy” strips went unpublished.)

People Who Talk in Movie Theaters Target of H.U.S.H. (Help Us Silence Half-Wits)
For: Colorado Springs Sun. (My first published humor column for the Colorado Springs daily paper feature section, and a long-standing obsession.)


Channelling the Prospect: What Would Winona Want?
My article for LinkedIn breaking down my use of not-so-imaginary avatars in brainstorm sessions — and the important of simplicity. (Guest-starring Winona Ryder. Sort of.)

What Walt Jaschek Believes. And Doesn’t Believe.
A personal, comic manifesto — in list form. And speaking of lists:

11 Signs We’re Writing Too Many List Posts.
‘Nuff said.

See more Walt Jaschek content writing.

Walt Jaschek home.

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