Brett Hull Comic Book Set: Selling McDonald’s Value Meals Through Cool Comic Storytelling.

“The Golden Adventures of Brett Hull” is a three-issue comic book series published by The Patrick Company in 1994. Each issue sold for 99-cents per issue (with the purchase of a Value Meal) at St. Louis-area McDonald’s. The book was a joint promotion for the St. Louis Blues, McDonald’s, Coca-Cola and the Ronald McDonald House. Patrick also produced the above TV spot to launch the series.

Star of the 3-part, fictional storyline in “Golden Adventures of Brett Hull” was then St. Louis Blues star Brett Hull, now retired and a National Hockey League Hall-of-Famer. St. Louis copy and comics writer Walt Jaschek was hired to provide plot and dialogue for the series.  

Says Walt: “They didn’t call it ‘branded entertainment’ when I got the assignment to write ‘The Golden Adventures of Brett Hull.’ But oh-so-branded entertainment it was. The 3-part science-fiction story, which set then Blues star Brett Hull into a far-out future in search of his destiny, was mine; the in-story scenes of Brett eating McDonalds and enjoying a Coke were agency-inspired product placements.”

See all three covers below, and read the entire story, via links to the interior pages of issues #1, #2, and #3!


Golden Adventures of Brett Hull #1: “Slap Shot to Destiny.” Read this issue!


Golden Adventures of Brett Hull #2: “Power Play: 2094!” Read this issue!


Golden Adventures of Brett Hull #3: “Sudden Death Overtime!” | Read this issue!

Golden Adventures of Brett Hull #1-3

Clients: McDonalds, Coca-Cola, St. Louis Blues
Agency: The Patrick Company, a division of The Glennon Companies

Creative Directors: Bob Hawthorne, Bill Kamper, The Patrick Company
Art Director: Terry Hinkle, Hinkle & Company
Writers: Walt Jaschek (issues 1-3) and Brock Hanke (issue 2)
Artists: Don Secrease, Rick Burchett (as Jim Riley,) Bill Lux, Bill Vann, Johnny’s Flying Mouse
Covers: Bill Vann

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