Healthcare Marketing: Central Baptist Hospital, “This is Care”

Central Baptist Hospital rebranding and multi-channel marketing campaign written by Walt Jaschek (pictured.)


How can a hospital be recognized for advanced, technological solutions and still retain a personal, emotional connection with its community? A rebranding campaign, combining high/tech with high/touch, in which patient outcomes are always the main point. First, I wrote the tagline, “This is Care,” and expressed it in advertising in all media, including…

Double-Page-Spread Newspaper Ads / Landing Pages

“Alan’s Heart”alan

“Donna’s Life”donna

“Steve’s Blood”steve


TV Commercials

“Alan’s Heart”

Online advertising

Each of scenarios from the print campaign was also translated into three-frame, animated banner ads.



The “This is Care” campaign was named “Best of Show” in the National Healthcare Marketing Awards.

Client: Central Baptist Hospital
Agency: Maring Weissman
Writer: Walt Jaschek
Creative Director: Paul Maring
Designers: Paul Maring and Chuck Hart

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