Cereal Marketing: Hodgson Mill, “Have a Grain Day!”

“Have a Grain Day!”

That’s the tagline I wrote for Hodgson Mill, makers of whole grain cereals, baking mixes and pastas, available in grocery stores everywhere. “Have a Grain Day” is the unifying idea for an integrated brand story expressed from package to shelf to trade show to banner ads to Facebook posts to recipe blog to… you get it.

Here’s the opening slider for the web homepage. It explains what “Have a Grain Day” really means.


It started with a grain mill. And a man named Hodgson.


Grew into a world-class food company, still proudly Midwest.


Making delicious, whole-grain products, loved by families.

The secret: Premium grains, ground by stone. Our own.


Just-in-time freshness means more flavor to savor.

Client: Hodgson Mill
Writer: Walt Jaschek

Marketing Officer: Ray Martin
Creative Director: Perry Propst


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