Attorneys In Space™: Space Lawyers Practicing Space Law in Space

They’re smart. They’re fearless. They bill by the light-hour. Attorneys in Space. A novel in progress by Walt Jaschek.

Attorneys in Space concept art

Attorneys in Space™ is a serialized science-fiction/romance novel by Walt Jaschek, coming in 2021 from Walt Now Entertainment. It stars two space lawyers practicing space law in orbit above the Earth — often arguing cases against each other, while trying to save their out-of-this-world marriage. Here’s the cover concept art, by Walt Jaschek, Paul Daly and Don Secrease, and a link to actual Attorneys in Space merch you can buy in the Attorneys in Space collection

Attorneys in Space by Walt, Paul and Don first appeared in comic book form in the second issue of Slightly Bent Comics in 1998.

Attorneys in Space is ™ and © Walt Now Entertainment.

Attorneys in Space in Slightly Bent Comics #1

You can read this Attorneys in Space comic in the physical edition of Slightly Bent Comics, for sale on eBay.

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