Marvel Comics: What The–?! 5


This issue of Marvel’s What Th–?! # 5 (1989), with this great Hilary Barta cover, includes a 3-page feature scripted by me, as plotted and drawn by Jim Lee.


Title: “Ill Conceived Character Couplings,” as in, “Team-Ups That Just Wouldn’t Work.” Such as… Magnuto and Collasalus.


The scene then switches to a different, awkward team-up: Marvel’s most verbose characters. Talking. And talking. And talking…


And… scene.

Plot/Pencils: Jim Lee
Script: Walt Jaschek
Inks: Al Milgrom
Lettering: Al Parker
Colors: Greg Wright
Editor: Carl Potts
Head Honcho: Tom DelFalco

Enjoy? LIke and/or comment below.

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