Jean-Luc Picard Fans Shave Heads In Honor of Their Hero

Get the look! The Jean-Luc look! Like Jean-Luc Picard, the bold, bald head of Star Trek: The Next Generation.

By Walt Jaschek

Here is a funny, 1996 TV spot for the syndicated run of the beloved TV series, part of a promotion campaign aired on WCIX-TV, Channel 6 in Miami. It’s also the most-watched-ever video on my YouTube channel!

Enjoy the spot, now captioned for your shaving pleasure.

:30 TV | “Shaving My Head”
For: Star Trek: the Next Generation
Client/Production: WCIX-TV
Campaign Concept and Writer: Walt Jaschek
Producer: Paul Fey

The Script

[Star Trek music up]

V.O.: From Pembroke Pines…

GUY: I’m shaving my head!

V.O.: To South Beach…

ANOTHER GUY: I’m shaving my head!

V.O.: All over Miami, they’re shaving their heads! Like Captain Jean-Luc Picard, the bold, bald head of Star Trek: the Next Generation. Watch weeknights at 7 this Fall. And get the look!

DOG (barking while getting shaved:) BARK! BARK! BARK! BARK!

V.O. The Jean-Luc look! On Star Trek:The Next Generation. Every weeknight at 7 this Fall on Channel 6.

[Star Trek music out]

Walt Now Funny says, “Life is worth laughing.”

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