Hero Nots™

Are they heroes? Are they super? NOT. The new, reluctant team from writer Walt Jaschek and Walt Now Films now has its own site.

Hi. Walt here. This is an excerpt from The Hero Nots screenplay I’m writing this Fall. Hope to wrap up the script in 2021, cast and shoot in 2022, post and release to the world in 2023! Watch this space for details, and/or read the script on its own website!

Hero Nots™

Episode 1

Screenplay by Walt Jaschek


A hawk darts out of it, screeching. Something in the field rustles. Over the whispering stalks, we hear narration from our first Hero Not: Mister Sticky.

MISTER STICKY (V.O.): A Missouri cornfield… at its peak… at sunrise. Beautiful, isn’t it? Yeah, I think so, too. Good enough, anyway, for a reunion. Of The Hero Nots.


He’s a tall, fit 20something in a form-fitting exco-skeleton. He unfolds his arms, revealing wristbands that control his Invisible Glue. He addresses the camera.

MISTER STICKY: Hello, I’m Mister Sticky. The Inventor of Invisible Glue.

The hawk screeches again.

MISTER STICKY: That’s right, Invisible Glue. You’ll see. Or rather, you won’t see, because it’s invisible. But you’ll see the results.

He aims his beam into the cornfield. He “fires.” Like snaring with a lasso, he seems to catch something. He whips whatever it is back. An EAR OF CORN comes flying directly into his other hand. He smiles.

MISTER STICKY: Oh, you’ll see.

Keep reading on The Hero Nots website now!

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