Copywriters in Love

“Copywriters in Love:” a romcom TV pilot script by Walt, in progress. Set in the St. Louis advertising biz, it’s a story of talented writers falling in love with the work. And each other.

Copywriters in Love: teaser trailer
What is copywriters in love?

One of the biggest omni-channel entertainment franchises of 2025.

But first, it’s:

A romantic comedy TV pilot script currently being written by Walt Now, AKA long-time copywriter Walt Jaschek.

A universe of shared, interconnected stories, all somehow involving copywriters.

Many different copywriters, in different locales, across the globe.

United by the theme of love.

What are they in love with? WHO are they in love with?

The tales will undulate across time and space, in a vortex of verbal verve and passion, a phrase that could only be written by a copywriter.

In love.

Copywriters in Love: THE TEASER TRAILER script

By Walt Jaschek

WALT NOW FILMS LOGO over stirring music

PROMO ANNOUNCER: Now. From the studio that gave you…

An astronaut jumps out of the space station.

PROMO ANNOUNCER: “Attorneys in Space”…

A woman’s legs walking along the ocean..

PROMO ANNOUNCER: And “Accountants at Sea”…

A series of steamy shots of a few, diverse couples, moments as if taken from romance novel covers, changing with these beats:

PROMO ANNOUNCER: Comes the jargon-filled romance sizzling with sin… and syntax. “Copywriters in Love.” Wordsmiths who never dangle participles. Or bury the lede. When these writing partners aren’t massaging body copy onto a squeeze-page… they’re prying open rate conversions with S-E-Oh, my. Even after hours, they’re placing headers. And pulling footers. From a heat map above the fold. Can they keep their jobs… and their oxford commas?

Close-up on the actors as the announcer names them.

PROMO ANNOUNCER: Clark Barre. Nadia Sneha. Ghatti Otienu. And Walt Now as the Agency Owner Who Should Have Retired By Now.


Then back to steamy shots.

 PROMO ANNOUNCER: Copywriters in Love. They know features and benefits… and friends with benefits. But now? All bets are off.


PROMO ANNOUNCER: Copywriters In Love. A booty call to…


A man’s hand holding a remote. He’s just turned the TV off.

WOODROW’S VOICE (finishes the phrase) “Action.”

Reverse angle from the TV as we see who’s watching it. It’s WOODROW WILCOX, a 20something copywriter in his living room. He’s good-looking, but it’s early: he’s in frumpy, unglamorous sleepwear, has a bad case of bedhead and his coffee cup is a Marvel mug. There’s a dog asleep on the sofa. Holding the remote out, Woodrow is slightly perplexed by the content he’s just seen.

WOODROW: Wow. (beat) I had no idea we were in such a sexy profession.

The dog looks up.

WIFE’S VOICE (from off): What was that, honey?

WOODROW (yelling back): I had no idea we were in such a sexy profession!

WIFE’S VOICE (from off): How do you mean?

Woodrow starts to answer, decides to shrug it off and return to waking up. He exits, scratching himself. It’s an unglamorous moment, but these, too, it seems to say, are Copywriters In Love.



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