Feeling Funny? Hire Walt

Hire Walt to write funny.

And we don’t mean bad handwriting. Hire Walt to create comedy content for your brand, production company, entertainment company, streaming service or dry cleaners.

Hire Walt to appear funny.

And we don’t mean slovenly. Hire Walt to perform as himself or as another funny character in your TV series, podcast, stage play, commercial or major motion picture. Especially major motion picture.

Because life is worth laughing.

Hire Walt by making contact.



Walt Jaschek is an American comedy writer and performer based in St. Louis, Missouri. For his funny, award-winning, national advertising campaigns, he was inducted in 2018 into the St. Louis Media Hall of Fame. Declaring himself “not history yet,” Walt is continuing to create funny movies, funny comics, funny radio, and funny Zoom poses. And continuing to prove that life is worth laughing.

Don’t prove him wrong.

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