Upbeat Man™, World’s Most Upbeat Superhero, Gets Out of Bed


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Need motivation? Take it one step at a time. Focus on the positive. Be like…Upbeat Man, World’s Most Upebeat Superhero.

Concept: Walt Jaschek. Art and dialogue: Bill Lux. © Walt and Bill. Upbeat Man™ is a registered trademark. Not a member, FDIC.

Take a Chillaxative and Chillax! | Funny Art for Poster, Merch


When I approached artist Bill Lux with the concept of a “Take a Chillaxative and Chillax” line of merchandise, he created this incredible image, exceeding my chillax-pectations. He wrote the bottle copy, too! Though there’s a like-filled Chillaxative page on Facebook, sales are not yet booming. Guess everyone stocked up on Chillaxative at Costco.