Dang Gnats! in “What You Did in My Dream”

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Randy Kopelwitz Rosebaum: A Sketch In Progress

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Randy Kopelwitz Rosenbaum was sitting on our patio. I say our patio, because Randy Kopelwitz Rosenbaum is my wife. She was impatient to go back inside and get back to work. So I couldn’t finish my sketch. That’s my Randy Kopelwitz Rosenbaum! I hope to get her to sit still so I can finish this one, or sit still so I can start a new one. P.S. I dig mechanical pencils.

Rinse and Spit: A Comic For Dentists and Dental Staff

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My buddy, St. Louis illustrator Chuck Hart, saw an ad from a trade magazine for dentists and dental staff, seeking a comic strip about “daily life in the dental office.” I suggested “Rinse & Spit,” and wrote sample strips. Chuck drew this one as the pilot. Still waiting for word from the dental mag. Come on, this strip could go on as long as a root canal.