Walt Jaschek IS Dr. D’abo IN “Sons of the Saddle” (1995) B-Western Movie Parody

It’s 1899 and Dr. Devlin D’Abo (Walt Jaschek) believes he alone can lead the United State of America into the Twentieth Century. To help him…

Is Paul Blart based on Mel Cool: Mall Cop?™

Mel Cool: Mall Cop.™ Copy and layouts: Walt Jaschek. Art: Don Secrease. Is Paul Blart based on Mel Cool: Mall Cop? The short answer: not…

The Superman V. Batman Dr. Pepper Display: My Reaction

Photo by Randy Rosenbaum

“Captain America: Civil War” lobby display has us a little freaked out.

Guest-starring my son Adam Jaschek as himself. We liked the movie.

Scott Pilgrim Movie Review: Scott Pilgrim Versus the Walt

FOR THE first five minutes of Scott Pilgrim Versus the World, I  thought: “I am waaaay too old for this movie.“ (That’s “waaaay” with 4…

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