Hi, I’m Walt Jaschek, writer of copy, content and entertainment at Walt Now Creative.

What’s this site all about? Well, It’s about the very act of creation itself.


Here at Walt Now, I talk content creation for content creators. I offer up great content creating tips. Review content creation tools. And demonstrate with real content examples from my portfolio, generating during decades of grooving with that content writing thing. And I do it all from…


…my home office. This is in beautiful Ballwin, Missouri, a suburb of St. Louis, and I’ve been privileged to inhabit home offices like it since plunging into self-employment in (can you believe it?) 1988.

By day, I’m a copywriter, marketing consultant, and ideation leader, concocting ideas to bring businesses and agencies sales and customers. Like so: 


There’s me at the whiteboard. Join me there for some brainstorming.

(What’s the difference between an creative consultant and a copywriter? Nicer pants. A writer wears jeans. A creative marketing consultant wears khakis. It justifies a slightly higher hourly rate.)

I’ve been writing, editing and publishing a long time: I was editor of my sixth grade newspaper (really), my junior high newspaper, my high school newspaper, and my college newspaper!  Here I am in 1975, editor of the UMSL Current, visiting Washington D.C. as a Watergate-era, take-no-prisoners, write-our-way-out-of-this, student journalist. (And, might it be obvious, an aspiring actor?)


 I graduated from UMSL in 1978 with a degree in Speech-Communications and an eye on a career in journalism. 

So of course instead I went into…

…advertising. What can I say? I was weirdly wired for it. And so was a good friend since college, Paul Fey, who inspired me and invited me to help him create funny radio commercials, a genre we were proud to champion. We created a company in 1991 called Paul & Walt Worldwide,..


…and created hundreds of creative commercials for national brands like CBS-TV, Warner Brothers, King World, Volvo, Budweiser, and lots more. Won some awards for ’em, too. Here’s a sample spot, a Clio-winner for “Best Use of Sound.”

And another, for the TV show Matlock, a Clio-winner for “Best Radio Copywriting.”

Paul’s company is still going strong at World Wide Wadio.

I kept going at the aforementioned Walt Now Consulting, coming up with concepts and writing in all media and styles, not all broadcast, not all funny.


Here’s a print ad I wrote as part of a hospital campaign. It’s the kind of advertising I believe in.


(See more of the Central Baptist Hospital campaign here.)

For that (and stuff like it), my clients and I won more awards, which I often take as blingy props to the colleges where I teach and guest-lecture, as below. That’s fun.


But, wait! We’re leaving out a big part of my creative journey.

During those ad days, I co-existed in an alternate reality, writing, when I could, stories in my favorite medium of all:

Comic books.

Comics were my first love, and I’ve written (and sometimes drawn) my own since Third Grade. When the opportunity arose, a few years later, to merge my worlds and write a promotional comicbook series for McDonalds and the St. Louis Blues starring NHL Hall-of-Famer Brett Hull, I said…

“Cool, I’ll do it.”  


It worked out.

Yes, there were some excursions into the comic mainstream…


…but mostly bursts of self-published, creator-owned indies.

It’s to that vibe — creating comedy via comics, cartoons, videos — this site is attuned. Or a-tooned.

Throughout my writing portfolio, you can peruse comic highlights.

Such as:


See the whole “Ned and the Nude” comic here.

In the portfolio are even a few select pieces from my ad past, including the aforementioned funny radio commercials. (One of them for The Simpsons tv show, coincidentally.)


In the blog, we’ll go into the past, to find odd creations, memories, memorabilia…


…and into the future, as I write and post new stuff before your very eyes.

And mine. (Here I am with wife Randy getting our Ya-Yas at a place called… Ya-Yas.)


So you say, “Okay, we get the comics and comedy thing, good luck with that, but will you dip back into advertising if asked?”

I say…

Depends who’s asking!


Walt Jaschek invites comments and questions, such as:

How do you pronounce “Jaschek?” (Good Q.)

What’s the best way to contact Walt? (That’s better.)

What would Walt Jaschek look like as a gnat? (What?)


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