About You

Expert copywriter Walt Jaschek makes his business about you, a brand needing great ideas, and/or you, a fellow writer needing great inspiration. For all, he writes solutions.

At Walt Now Copy, it’s all about you.

You are a brand, business or non-profit needing great copywriting. You want to tell stories. You want those stories remembered.


You are a content creator – copywriter, content strategist, marketing mind – needing inspiration, guidance and examples.

And it wouldn’t hurt if you were well rewarded for your efforts.

I am Walt Jaschek, copywriter at large, AKA Walt Now Copy.

And I feel you.

For 40 years, I’ve been lucky enough to write copy and scripts for some of the biggest brands in the world and some of the greatest human beings it has been my pleasure to know.

And now, I want my creative endeavors to be about the act of great copywriting itself.

I want to encourage you to craft memorable words and ideas with:

1. Pizazz and verve.

2. Staying power.

3. The correct use of the Oxford comma. (Spoiler: don’t use it.)

On this site you will find:

Great copywriting tips.

Great copywriing tools.

And great copywriting examples.

For example, you will find herein:

A playlist of 15 funny radio commercials to inspire more of the same.

Like this classic radio spot for Star Trek: the Next Generation.

Radio needs funny content. We’ll help you create it.

We’ll also take a look at other forms of branded entertainment…

Such as these Brett Hull comic books created as a joint promotion for McDonalds and the St. Louis Blues.

Not all of our copywriting examples are funny. Some are not – on purpose.

Like this messaging campaign for a hospital system, combining the head with the heart.

Great taglines.

Great content.

Along the way, we might peek back at me as an “actor.”

What th…?

Click around. Like what you like, follow if you will.

Leave a comment. Let me know how I can help create, guide or inform your content.

Consider booking a live content brainstorm with me.

I’m Walt Jaschek AKA Walt Now Copy, at your service.

Because as it should be…

It’s all about you.

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Walt Jaschek is a champion of great copywriting. As creative collaborator, mentor, and writer at large, he pushes to craft copy that tells stories, touches the heart and gets remembered. For his award-winning, comedy radio campaigns for national brands, he was inducted by the St. Louis Media History Foundation into the St. Louis Media Hall of Fame. Declaring he’s “not history yet,” Walt is now dedicated to helping fellow writers create greatness.

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