Comedy writer tries to make life worth laughing.

I’m Walt Jaschek, writer of comics, comedy and copy, trying to info-tain the world with smart fun.

To tell stories worth telling, To invoke a laugh. To provoke a thought.

And to make a buck. I mean, come on. Even a creator at large has to eat.

I feel the funny, or maybe I just feel funny, in many media. Here are a few of the ways you might know my work, besides that tweet, Facebook post, or vanity license plate.

You might know me as the writer of funny TV commercials, such as “Shaving My Head,” a wacky promo for the nationally syndicated run of the TV series “Star Trek: the Next Generation.” This crazy spot, part of an entire head-shaving campaign for the show is, oddly, my most watched YouTube video of all time.

This new captioned version has credits and, uh, captions. Grab your razor and shave along!

You might know me as the writer of funny radio commercials, such as “Missing Persons” a fondly remembered (and much copied) promo for the TV series “Matlock.” This won a Clio for Best Radio Copywriting, but it’s the performances of the voice talent – Tom Poston, Harvey Atkin, Orson Bean – that bring home the funny.

(After you listen to this, here are 15 more spots!)


You might know me as a performer in funny movies and videos, such as Rick Zahradnik’s beloved, 80s-era spoof of office rental videos, this one with much less clothing.

Warning: I get down to red underwear at the end.


You might know me as a writer of funny comic books and strips, such at this collaboration in Marvel’s What Th–? with the amazing Jim Lee. Comics are a lifelong love and I’m working on more right this second.

Well, not this second. At this second, I’m typing this.

You get the idea.

I’m about the quirk, the quick, the quazy. Some people seem to enjoy my humor, though, I’m happy to say, and I am available to write or perfrom funny if your entertainment company or streaming services needs me. (Hi, CBS All Access!)

So poke around, read some frequently unasked questions (FAQ,) and put your tongue on the radio. What other web site will suggest you do that?

Thanks, everyone! I’m Walt Jaschek, and I’ll be here all week!

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