11-Minute Writing Spring

Do you have a little something you need to write? An email draft? A list of headlines? A longish Tweet? In his latest video, Writer Walt Jaschek invites you to 11 minutes of deep focus writing.

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Sometimes you might put off a writing task, even a little one, because starting is intimidating. “I don’t have the time,” you might say. “I don’t have an hour.” But Walt Jaschek believes that often, you don’t need an hour.

“Take out the procrastination and avoidance and interruptions – the ‘air’ in the writing process – and you might only need a few minutes,” Jaschek says.

In his new “timed writing video” on YouTube, Jaschek invites aspiring writers to sit still with him for 11 minutes.

“I’ll sit here and write, you sit there and write,” he says. “We won’t be in the same room – but we’ll know each other is there.”

Jaschek is creating a series of timed writing videos, along with tips, examples, and how-tos, on his Writer Walt YouTube channel.

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