“Ned and the Nude” | Try-Out Comic for The Simpsons

Walt, Don and Bill created a 6-page Ned Flanders story about art and embarrassment as an audition to create comics for The Simpsons. Here’s what they sent to the publishers.

“Ned and the Nude.” | Audition for “The Simpsons” comicbook series. | Writer: Walt Jaschek | Pencils: Don Secrease | Inks and colors: Bill Lux. This team of funny comic creators submitted this 6-page Ned Flanders story on spec to Bongo Comics, publisher of The Simpsons comicbook series. We’re waiting to hear! The Simpsons are created by Matt Groening and are TM 20th Television. The creators are huge fans and created this out of love. In fact, Walt created an award-winning ad campaign for the show when it went into national syndication.

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